Get Women So Turned On With Text, They'll Talk Dirty, Send Naked Pictures, Even Drop What They're Doing And Head Straight To Your Bedroom!
Most men don’t realize how powerful text really is. ..
It’s hands down the most common way for women to communicate, and if you’re not polishing your texting skills you’re actively putting yourself at a disadvantage in the dating game. 

Most men DON’T work on their texting skills, and as a result they fall into the same pitfalls over and over again.

What often happens is the whole interaction begins with mutual interest...В 

Then for some reason she begins to lose interest….

Maybe you texted her too much, and now she thinks you’re needy.

Maybe you’re taking too long to ask her out, and now she’s ignoring you because she’s afraid of being rejected.

Maybe you said something inappropriate and now she thinks you’re a creep...
At first she’s responding every 2 minutes…

Next it takes her 30 minutes to reply...

Her messages become shorter… and shorter...  

Until eventually she stops responding completely...and now she’s gone.. 

You’ve lost her...

And It’s frustrating, I know!

I Used To Anxiously Walk Around With My Phone In My Hand, STARING At The Screen, Just Hoping I’d Get A Response...
After years of testing different messages, tweaking my approach, and learning under the same roof of the best messaging experts on the planet my texting improved.В 

I started getting dates in as little as five short messages....

But shortly after I learned something else…. 

Something that would change the way I used my cell phone, forever...

What We Discovered Will Change The Texting World
7 years ago I met my good friend, P.I.C and right hand man Nico Sanchez.В 

The text master general...

Nico is definitely one of the best guys IN THE WORLD, and what we discovered way back then is even more effective today.

I learned you can get women so turned on over text, they’ll talk dirty to you WHEREVER they are, they’ll even slip out of work or class, go the bathroom, lock the door, and send you a dirty picture…

I’ve even had a girl slip away to the bathroom and send a topless picture while she was in a restaurant celebrating her dad’s birthday!

And this is a pretty common occurrence...

This is because women’s minds are wired a lot differently than men’s. For the most part men’s brains respond better to visuals, which is why the vast majority of porn watchers are men. However a lot of women get a much more vivid image through reading, which is why �50 Shades of Grey’ was so damn popular!

Knowing this Nico and I worked together to create a system with one goal in mind...we wanted to create a way to have sex with a woman BEFORE you even go on your first date...and once we discovered the exact formula, we put it on paper, tested it, and �The Sext Bible’ was born.
At this point you may be asking... Who Am I?

My name is Matt Kellam, and I’m the founder of �Rise Up Media’. 

I have been a professional dating coach for the past eleven years.В 

I’ve created numerous best selling programs and helped thousands of men find dating success and live overall happier lives full of beautiful, amazing women.

My P.I.C, Nico Sanchez, has been a dating coach in New York City for the past six years, has worked for the most well known companies in the world and is widely considered one of the best at messaging women in the world.

Together we’ve been featured on several international companies, have taught thousands of clients in person, and have reached over 150,000 men nationwide with our principles.
We first began creating the �Sext Bible’ back in 2010 while teaching a program in New York City. 

I met a girl at a bar, but because I was in the middle of teaching I couldn’t take her back to my hotel room...

She told me she was only in town for the weekend, and so was I, and since I was busy working I figured I’d leave it at that...

When I told Nico he actually laughed at me...told me �dude were teaching a seminar on teaching guys how to get laid, so why don’t you go get laid’ 

You were right Nico…

Thanks for knocking some sense into me… 

I worked those magic fingers using the exact techniques and principles we were teaching those lucky few, and boom!

10 minutes later she was sending dirty texts, being very specific about the things she wanted to do to me, and a half hour later she was sending me naked pictures.

Around 4AM that night she knocked on my door, and immediately began to undress the second she walked in.В 

After I shared this story with Nico, we had a talk and decided we were literally in possession of texting gold….

We came to the conclusion we HAD to share this information with ONLY our closest friends.

For years I’ve used these secrets to have girls banging on my door to sleep with me, completely skipping the first date. 

It was like finding a cheat code to real life, and I had absolutely NO intention of sharing any of this information with people outside my core friend group..В 

However the thought of all those lonely guys doing it wrong eventually grew on us and we decided to do something about it...
We realized it was just plain selfish to hide this information, so we wrote down our methods, our principles and tactics, and taught a live webinar to 12 students for $1,000 a pop.
The course was three days long, but every last one of those dozen students had naked pictures and dates lined up for that very weekend...

On the last day only 5 of the guys showed up!В 

We were kinda shocked and thought we did something wrong until we found out why…

because everyone else (7 of 12 guys) had dates lined up for Sunday..
And guess what…   Four outta those seven sealed the deal… 
That’s fucking success!
After that earth shattering weekend we put together all the information from that program, and created theВ 

�Sext Bible’
Here's what you'll get insant access to when you get your copy of THE SEXT BIBLE
  • В How to construct messages that make her wet the instant she reads them.
  • В How to get her to sneak away into a bathroom, or dressing room, and send В  В you a sexy little naked selfie, wherever she is.
  • В Exactly what to say to turn her on so hard, she’ll drop what she’s doing, order an uber and head straight to your place. If you do everything right you will skip the first date all together, and go straight to the bedroom.
  • В How to craft the perfect message that will respark any cold interaction, even if you two haven’t spoken in months.
  • В How to get her to climb a yes ladder, that will get her saying yes to anything you want her to do, without thinking twice.
  • В Learn innocent sounding messages that triggers her subconscious sexual animal brain.
  • В The formula for creating powerful qualifying messages that will make her feel like you’re not going to just hit it and quit it.
  • В The sneaky kiss text that text that will set a sexual frame, and make sex on the first date a guarantee.
Just Look At The Exceptional Progress Our Students Are Experiencing:
"Personally I wouldn't attempt this strategy without having a proven, step-by-step guide to follow like The Sext Bible. This is especially true if you've been stuck on the same road block for years. Stuck on one dam phase of attraction or seduction." -James C, UtahВ 
"Through advice and guidance has been a very important and vital resource for me in my development and overall well being as a person. Through your strategies and ideas, I was able to go on more dates than I would have ever had without your help. I was able to naviagte difficult situations. My approach to women and the world in general has benefited from your expertise.. Nico and Matt your advice is a major asset for anyone who wants to pursue personal development. Thank you! Jon S - Parts Unknown.
"I've always thought of myself as a good looking man, But because I lacked confidence I was constantly afraid to approach women. I struggled with this for a long time until RUM. After spending a weekend with your program my confidence grew and I truly started to understand the game. It took just a few days of trying and following this advice and I was able to actively approach women, get their phone numbers, and get them interested in my from there. Not only did it build my confidence but also provided tools that helped me score dates with these new women even after just a handful of texts (Your texting advice is your best work yet) Most importantly you made me realize what it means to be an attractive man and how to carry that attraction with me wherever I go." -Matthew D-Y, NYC
"You are amazing! I've used several of the products from hereswhatsmissing over the years and its really improved my social skills. There are templates I still use after all this time. Specifically "The Sext Bible" I went through several steps of courtship with women to allow and entice them to feel comfortable with taking that step. I sued it as close to verbatim as I could, and with great success! It wasn't a gimmick or trick, rather a step by step process of the science of courtship through text. You turned it into a formula that guys like myself can utilize.. I stand behind RUM and your instruction whole heartedly as it's help me gain several great experiences over the years, meet women of my dreams, and have a robust, exciting relationship." -McKinley M, NYC
When I first began teaching this material with Nico, we only taught it at live courses, and those courses were $1,000 a pop.

However, we’re not gonna charge you $1,000, we’re not even going to charge you half that.

That was a live course, and the people on there got VERY specific help, and since this is a book and not a live course, we normally charge $97, which we can agree is a steal...

But that’s not what you’re gonna pay today either... 

At Here’s What’s Missing our mission is simple, we want to reach as many men as possible, and right now we’re aiming for a million members... 

So, because we want this information available to as many guys as possible you’re going to get 

�The Sext Bible’ for just $11.95. 

That’s literally less than what I spend on lunch...

As a matter of fact that’s less than what you’ll spend on a woman’s breakfast, the morning after plowing her, thanks to the techniques you’re going to learn from �The Sext Bible’.
You see, this is the kind of information I purposely kept hidden for years, and I only want to share this kind of information with you, if you’re actually going to apply what you learn.

If you’re the kind of guy who’s gonna buy a product that will improve your life, and you just let it sit around, without every applying anything you read….then just hit “x” button. You’re not the kind of dude we want to share our knowledge with. 

However, if you GENUINELY want to improve your sex and dating life, and you know you’re going to apply this knowledge then this opportunity was made just for you. 

So, if you want to start getting girls turned on, and ready to sleep with you, before you even have your first date, then click the button below, and instantly get your copy of �The Sext Bible’

These texting hacks have worked with HUNDREDS of women, and we’re so confident in what you’re about to learn, we’re not just a FULL money back guarantee, we’re going one step further.
Enjoy The Confidence Of Having My Triple Guarantee With Your Purchase of �The Sext Bible’!
- If you don't find the results you're looking for.. Boom full refund.

- If you get naked pictures from 3 girls a week but you wanted 5... Boom full refund.

- If you don't even like the font I used for the program... Boom full refund...

Rest assured your investment is protected and you literally have ZERO RISK!

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